// Lght Yrs - Find Your Type

LGHT YRS' third release Find Your Type is a guaranteed dance party that'll keep you moving from start to finish. Packed with non-stop melodic hooks and bouncy rhythms, each track will have you ready for the next. Frontman Augustine Rampolla gives us a look into his ever-evolving thought process as he delivers both introspective and relatable lyrics that bring the listener along for the ride.  From the upbeat invitation of "Sail Away", to the heart-felt nostalgia of "Glow", Find Your Type makes a stellar addition to the LGHT YRS repertoire.





// Lght Yrs - Up! 

LGHT YRS' sophomore release Up! is jam-packed with enough brilliant and bouncy hooks it could easily hang the sun on even the cloudiest of days. Frontman Augustine Rampolla channels 100% concentrated sunshine, infusing his melodies with a kind of rhythmic magic that acts as a personal invitation to the happiest party on Earth. From the delightfully carefree "Live In Love", to the ecstatic declarations of "We Can't Get Enough", LGHT YRS  will send you on a day trip and leave you buzzing 🐝.

What are you waiting for?  The party starts now!




// Lght Yrs - Self Titled

LGHT YRS' debut self-titled release burst into the stratosphere in a blaze of technicolor light in April 2015 and hasn't come down since.  Rising from the lucid and whimsical daydreams of Augustine Rampolla, this undeniably fun record will have you dancing for days.  From the driving four-on-the-floor chorus of "Living In Light" to the eager pulse of "Feel It Tonight", you'll be having "Fun, Fun, Fun!" in no time at all. 




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